The Fresno State BPSHI chapter facilitates clinics for underserved populations on a regular basis, including BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose testing, and a consultation with a doctor. Fresno BPSHI works at various religious sites located throughout the central valley including Fresno, Clovis, Madera, Selma, and Caruthers. We provide hundreds of people with access to personalized healthcare and education. We work in partnership with patients to teach them how their lifestyle choices affect their health. Aiming to create a more widespread and lasting impact, the Fresno chapter of BPSHI seeks to expand our services to different underserved populations and continually train new volunteers. Our goal is to create a more well-rounded patient experience supported by information and expertise from medical specialists and other non-profit organizations that supports BPSHI’s mission statement.


Gurdwara Singh Sabha

Gurdwara Sikh Center of Pacific Coast in Selma

Gurdwara Nanak Prakash


Advisor: Hanita Dhillon

President: Gurman Chahal

Vice President: Paramveer Singh

Secretary: Amrita Bhatti

Treasurer: Simran Rai

Public Health Ambassador: Gursharnjit Aujla

Public Health Education Leader: Manharsh Sekhon


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