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BPSHI members strive to be the change that they wish to see in our communities.


"The UC Irvine chapter hosted a Mental Health workshop discussing attitudes towards mental health in the South Asian community. Our presentation covered topics such as the definition of mental illness, common mental disorders, population studies of both college students and the South Asian community. It gave our members the opportunity to share their own experiences and stories about mental health. This not only included discussing the challenge of communicating mental health with family, but also their own personal experiences. Additionally, we challenged our fellow members with mental health related scenarios that could potentially come up at clinics. Our goal was to discuss mental health in order to begin implementing an aspect of the topic to our clinics, and also to provide BPSHI members a platform through which they can voice their experiences and help those undergoing similar experiences. We hope to continue hosting this workshop as a way for BPSHI members to know that there is a safe place for them to speak about their issues." - Dilpreet Singh, UCI BPSHI 

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