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Although much of the South Bay is known for its innovations in technology, not all residents have benefitted from the development. Underserved populations are detrimentally affected by gentrification, homophobia, redlining, limited access to healthcare, homelessness, unemployment, as well as gender and racial biases. We recognize that all of these factors, working in congruence with one another, especially affect the wellness of marginalized communities and individuals. In 2017, in efforts to bridge disparities in health care in the Bay Area, a small group of young Sikhs pursuing their educations at UC Santa Cruz put their passion and ideas together to start BPSHI at UC Santa Cruz.

The UC Santa Cruz chapter of BPSHI strives to help decrease health disparities by focusing not only on doctor visits, but also the many other factors which contribute to a patient’s wellness. We thrive to keep Sikhi central in our work by serving the local Sikh community while also expanding our services to other communities in the South Bay. Seeking the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, over the span of just one year, the UC Santa Cruz chapter has grown overwhelmingly into a strong group of passionate and dedicated young students.


Silicon Valley Gurudwara Sahib


UCSC Students 

Local Health Professionals


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