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Free health screenings are hosted by each chapter in their local communities. Many service sites include gurudwaras (Sikh places of worship). Though clinics vary slightly from site to site, each is sustained by a group of undergraduate student volunteers and health professionals.


Clinics provide an opportunity for community members to get their blood pressure, BMI, and blood glucose checked but more importantly to begin building conversations about their health and the health of their community. 


Beginning in 2014, every year, members across all BPSHI chapters gather to learn and grow together. It is a rare opportunity to network with members from different chapters and learn from each other.


Each year the theme of conference changes to reflect the growing needs of the organization and to help inspire new perspectives and initiatives to help BPSHI thrive. 





BPSHI is in a constant state of growth and change, including its team of leaders. As our new leaders join the team it is imperant that we come together to organize and align our goals. As such, annually members of the different leadership teams will gather for a weekend to perform environmental assessments and strategic planning. 




We thank you, our community, for continuing to support our efforts.

If it is in your capacity to give, we greatly appreciate all donations of time, knowledge, or funds. 

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